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wisdom of the lifeforce energy


Reiki is a supportive and loving energy that promotes calm and balance within the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of your body.

My Philosophy

My approach to reiki is grounded in the belief that all beings are interconnected. As individuals we have the power to tap into an energy far greater than ourselves, but that energy is amplified by community, conversation, and commitment. As a master reiki practitioner I facilitate a connection between you and the reiki energy so that you are held with love as reiki guides you towards deeper healing. 

While our sessions will focus primarily on your energetic body, you may experience shifts within your physical body as a result of this work. Unconscious ideas, trauma, and emotions can make their way into the physical body, often showing up as chronic pain, so when we start to work with the energy around those unconscious patterns the possibility for physical transformation is so possible. 

Rei = wisdom
ki=lifeforce energy

Reiki is a healing energy with its own divine wisdom. Humans have worked with healing energies in many cultures around the world. The energy itself is not bound by time or space.  


Reiki, one of the names of this universal energy, and the healing techniques associated with it, come from Japan. The word itself when broken down into its parts means wisdom of the lifeforce energy.

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How Does
Reiki Work?

Reiki is a powerful healing modality that supports the energy already within you to facilitate the movement of physical and energetic blockages. 


Reiki has been given and received both in person and through distance for a very long time (long before the pandemic) and it is a beautiful way to re-connect with your true nature.

Dive In


"I am super grateful to have received a remote Reiki session from Sienna! I felt held by her presence as she led me into a meditation, and the session felt incredibly calm and loving. 

Sienna is a skilled yoga teacher too, and her ability and experience in holding space shows!


I look forward to working with her more."

Adina B.  | Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher | Michigan

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