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Menstrual Cycle Awareness

Sacred Cycles is a course designed to give you the tools to use fertility awareness as a way to prevent to pregnancy. This knowledge, however, is far greater than just preventing pregnancy, it is a reclamation of wisdom already deep within you. Your body is so wise and you have the power to tap into that wisdom. 

Your body is wise, capable, and sacred. 

Let's build community that honors that!


Sacred Cycles weaves together energy work, somatics, body literacy, and sex education to provide you with a solid foundation for living a more conscious life.  This course is rooted in the knowledge that anatomy does not define gender. Anyone who ovulates can create a Sacred Cycle practice. 

So what will you learn...

  • how to identify fertile fluids and what can obscure them.

  • specific rules for opening and closing the fertile window.

  • how to develop a relationship of consent with yourself so you can confidently get to know your cervix.

  • how to create rituals for honoring your bleed.

  • tools for embodying the energetic fluctuations of your cycle. 

  • how to build relationships with plant allies so that they can support you throughout your cycle. 

  • practices that support your entire being so that you can live a more embodied life in this world.



Course Format

  • Six sessions of live meetings held on Zoom: Once you register you will be given a link to book your six sessions. Please reach out if you have any scheduling questions. If you are in VT there is also the possibly of meeting in person! 

    • Week One: ​ Energetics and Anatomy of the Menstrual Cycle

    • Week Two:  Charting Ovulation and Guidelines for Avoiding/Achieving Pregnancy

    • Week Three: Practice Chart Reviews

    • Week Four:  Intimacy During the Fertile Window

    • Week Five:​  Rituals for an Embodied Contraception Practice 

    • Week Six: Closing Ceremony 

What you walk away with...

  • The skills and confidence to know your menstrual cycle so deeply so that you can move from menarche to menopause with intention and care.​

  • Knowledge and resources for building relationships with plants to support you physically and energetically throughout the menstrual cycle.

  • Somatic practices to live a more embodied life.

  • Community to support you on this journey.

Cost & Registration

Reclaim your wisdom within! 

When you purchase this course, you will have the opportunity to book your six sessions as they fit into your schedule. Each session will be 90 minutes. Please reach out with any questions. I look forward to working with you!

Sacred Cycles (6 sessions)



Valid for 6 months

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