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Intro To Embodied Contraception

An evening of learning though conversation and community.

Intro to Embodied Contraception is a workshop designed to explore that power of fertility awareness. This knowledge is a reclamation of wisdom already deep within you. Your body is so wise and you have the power to tap into that wisdom. 

Your body is wise, capable, and sacred. 

Let's build community that honors that!


This workshop weaves together, energy work, somatics, body literacy, and sex education to provide you with a solid foundation for living a more conscious life.  This workshop is rooted in the knowledge that anatomy does not define gender. Anyone who ovulates can create an Embodied Contraception practice. Additionally,  the community and learning held within this workshop is valuable even if you have no need to avoid pregnancy. Yes, we will be talking about sperm, but if that is not part of your life right now (or ever) and you're excited about this program, it's still for you! ​

Format of the 2 hour Workshop

  • 15 min Group Reiki Meditation

  • 45 min Lecture to Discuss:

    • The physical and energetic anatomy of the menstrual cycle.

    • The basics of charting ovulation to prevent pregnancy.

    • Openly and honestly discuss period pain and ways to better support you or those you know who bleed cyclically. 

    • Rituals to tend to our bodied with love and care.

  • 20 mins Q + A ​

  • 10 mins closing group dance party then meditation.



What you walk away with...

  • Deep knowledge about the menstrual cycle and and how to create a cyclical relationship with your body whether or not you're currently ovulating.

  • Knowledge and resources for building a relationship of love and care for yourself. 

  • Somatic practices and rituals to live a more embodied life.

  • Community to support you on this journey.

Want to host this? 

I would love to connect with folks who have gathering spaces (yoga studios, offices, cozy living rooms) to offer this in person! 


Please reach out to chat more about hosting this event!


Phone (text or call): 802.825.5729

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