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Intro To 
Embodied Contraception

Your body is wise, capable, and sacred.  Let's build community that honors that!

In this workshop you will...
  • Learn about the physical and energetic anatomy of the menstrual cycle

  • Learn the basics of charting ovulation to prevent pregnancy 

  • Have a space to openly and honestly discuss period pain and ways to better support you or those you know who bleed cyclically. 

  • Connect with a community of likeminded people who are looking to care for the themselves and those around them with love.

Happening October 16th from 6-7:30 EST
Join live on zoom or watch the replay
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Image by Dorné Marting

This workshop is rooted in the knowledge that anatomy does not define gender. Additionally,  the community and learning held within this workshop will be valuable even if you have no need to avoid pregnancy. Yes, we will be talking about sperm, but if that is not part of your life right now (or ever) and you're excited about this, it's still for you! ​

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