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Sobada de Matriz // Maya Abdominal Massage

sobada de matriz ✨ womb massage

Is a weaving together of all the threads I’ve been studying over the past few years — and the tapestry has only just begun.

Maya abdominal massage (womb massage) was deeply supportive to me when I was first reconnecting with my body and menstrual cycle.  I first sought out maya abdominal massage as a way to reconnect to my womb, I knew her power, but needed some support realizing the creative force within. A wise woman in my community offered this practice and her touch was so powerful. Her hands moved with such love and care. I felt my body melt into the table. After the session, she gave me a sheet of paper describing how I could give a version of the message to myself. I was so nervous to do the home practice, I felt unsure of how to touch my body with that level of care, but over time my body softened and my hands became an extension of my heart as I offered myself deep loving care. 

Three years into offering this practice to myself, I found myself on a sacred midwifery retreat. It was truly kismet that brought me back to a lake that has held so many of my most transformative moments. At that lake, I sat with Nana Rosalia and her daughters Reina, and Ixquik. They are all Mayan spiritual guides, traditional healers and midwives from an unbroken lineage of traditional midwives and Maya medicine practitioners. Learning from these women, in a circle of women from around the world, was deeply humbling. This work is so transformative and is my deepest honor to be sharing these ancient practices.

A few of the ways a maya abdominal massage can support you and the people you love:

✨heal menstrual cycle irregularities

✨prepare your body to conceive

✨recenter your womb postpartum

✨connect energetically with your mother line

✨physically and energetically heal after sexual trauma

Teachings on how to offer sobada de matriz touched me on a soul level. My hands moved so intuitively, it was a coming home to whats always been within, a remembering of the work I'm here to do in this life.

See you soon <3


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