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Reiki is a healing energy with its own divine wisdom. It was first discovered in Japan and the word itself when broken down into its parts means wisdom of the lifeforce energy. Rei=wisdom, ki=lifeforce energy. Reiki is a powerful healing modality that supports the energy already within you to facilitate the movement of physical and energetic blockages. 


Reiki has been given and received through distance for a very long time (long before the pandemic) and it is a beautiful way to connect.


Restorative yoga is a yoga practice that allows you to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system though rest. We will use a variety of props (pillows and blankets you already have or more traditional studio props) to create a series of shapes that feels nourishing and restful for your body. You will then hold each pose for 7-15 mins to facilitate deep relaxation. 


The first session will be longer so that we have time to discuss what types of poses feel best for you and how I can best support you through the practice.


Restorative yoga infused with Reiki is a beautiful combination of modalities that promote deep relaxation. Restorative yoga is a practice of slowing down to rest with awareness. Reiki is a supportive and healing energy that promotes calm and balance within the physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of your body. When brought together Reiki and restorative yoga create space for you to take ownership of your healing with a sense of calm and ease.


In these sessions Sienna will guide you through the restorative yoga practice and then as you are resting in the postures, she will channel Reiki energy to facilitate movement and openness within the energetic channels of your body. This combination will allow for deep relaxation and encourage a sense of feeling refreshed and reconnected to yourself.


Group classes are all about you and the group you would like to bring together! I will use the time to facilitate a practice that is created just for you. We could move through a face paced flow yoga class or it could be a group restorative practice. I will work with you and your group to facilitate something that feels supportive and nurturing for you!

You can also join me for a variety of weekly drop in classes at Sangha Studio.

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If you are unsure which type session would be best for your body, please book a free consultation.  We'll discuss your needs and I'll design a session customized for you.


"I am super grateful to have received a remote Reiki session from Sienna! I felt held by her presence as she led me into a meditation, and the session felt incredibly calm and loving. 

Sienna is a skilled yoga teacher too, and her ability and experience in holding space shows!


I look forward to working with her more."

Adina B.  | Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher | Michigan

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