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weaving together deep energetic shifts and physical openings


maya abdominal massage - metamorphic technique - reiki
Pouring Massage Oil

Maya Abdominal Massage

This form of massage supports the womb postpartum, for menstrual cycle irregularities, and for general womb health. 

Maya abdominal massage is modality that was shared with me by Nana Rosalia, and her daughters Reina, and Ixquik who are all part of The Midwife Project

I am in the early phases of this life long journey and I am offering these first 100+ sessions by donation. As a way to be in direct reciprocity with my teachers, 50% of your donation will go back to the midwives I learned from so that they can continue to share this potent and sacred practice. 

Holy Fire Reiki

As individuals we have the power to tap into an energy far greater than ourselves, but that energy is amplified by community, conversation, and commitment. As a master reiki practitioner I facilitate a connection between you and the reiki energy so that you are held with love as reiki guides you towards deeper healing. 

While our sessions will focus primarily on your energetic body, you may experience shifts within your physical body as a result of this work. Unconscious ideas, trauma, and emotions can make their way into the physical body, often showing up as chronic pain, so when we start to work with the energy around those unconscious patterns the possibility for physical transformation is so possible. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by britt gaiser

Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic massage or Butterfly massage is a modality that works a series of movements and points on the feet, hands, and head. Each movement corresponds with an aspect of spinal development during our conception though early postpartum. 

This modality is wonderful in the preconception phase, during pregnancy, or anytime you'd like support though life shifts.

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